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*Only 1-month deposit and 1-month storage fee required at move-in Terms and conditions apply. All rights to final pricing decisions reserved


What are mini-storages?

According to Buildings Department, Mini-storage refers to premises providing separate self storage cubicles to individuals for storing household goods or to small business for storing inventory or archived records.

Why should I choose RESTORE?

1. Safety is our priority. All of our mini storage facilities are designed and built according to the safety requirements of the Fire Services Department and Buildings Department.
2. Our facilities are equipped with fire sprinklers (where applicable) with storage clusters separated by 2-hour rated fire walls.
3. Our facilities are located in godown/industrial buildings meeting government lease requirements of the Lands Department.
4. Designated parking is available to our customers for accessing our storages 24 hours every day.
5. Our facilities are managed to international standards stipulated by the Self Storage Association Asia.

Is RESTORE compliant with the Fire Services Department’s fire safety guidelines?

Rearrange the mini-storage cubicles into rows/clusters, each occupying an area not exceeding 50 square metres, and
– there should be a separation distance of 2.4 metres between rows/clusters Note 3 ;
– any side of each row/cluster should not exceed 20 metres in length; – the distance between the ceiling and the top of the storage cubicles and/or stored articles should not be less than 1 metre; and
– the storage cubicles and/or stored articles should not exceed 2.35 metres in height.
The total area of unobstructed No te 2 and breakable windows (including “access windows”) should not be less than 1/16 (or 6.25%) of the total floor area of the mini-storage.
Regarding the provision of “access windows”:-

(a) the total area of “access windows” should not be less than 1/50 (or 2%) of the total floor area of the ministorage.

(b) at least one “access window” should be provided at an interval of 20 metres on each external wall with window(s).

(c) an “access window” should measure at least 1 metre high by 0.85 metre wide.

(d) the sill of any “access window” should not be higher than 1,100 millimetres above the finished floor level.

(e) all “access windows” should be directly connected to the internal means of escape of the ministorage.
Conduct any necessary installation or alteration works to ensure the sufficient provision of exit signs and directional signs and to maintain such signs in efficient working order. Such installation or alteration works must be undertaken by a registered fire service installation contractor (RFSIC), who, upon completion of the works, must submit a certificate to this effect to the Director of Fire Services.
Remove/rearrange the storage facilities or conduct any necessary alteration works to the hose reel system to ensure that the coverage is adequate and to maintain such system in efficient working order.
Such alteration works must be undertaken by an RFSIC, who, upon completion of the works, must submit a certificate to this effect to the Director of Fire Services.
Make sure that all exit doors can be readily and conveniently opened from within the premises without the use of any key

For more details, please visit Fire Services Department’s website

Is RESTORE compliant with Buildings Department’s safety requirements?

The aisles between the storage cubicles form part of the exit route and their clear width should not be less than that required under Table B2 of the FS Code (i.e. at least 1050mm wide, excluding the swing path(1) of any doors). Having regard to the mode of operation of mini-storages and the fire risk, the following arrangements are considered acceptable:

For storage cubicles with usable floor area of not more than 5m2 and self-closing cubicle doors, the minimum clear width between the swing path of the cubicle doors and the walls or swing path of the doors on the opposite side of the aisle is 750mm.

For storage cubicles with usable floor area of not greater than 1.5m2 and self-closing cubicle doors that can be opened flat against adjoining walls/cubicles and do not obstruct the swing path of the doors on the opposite side of the aisle, the door swing can be disregarded in measuring the clear width of the aisle.
The general requirements for mini-storages are:
The maximum deadend travel distance between the furthest point on the premises to a point where an alternative exit is available is 18m.
The maximum travel distance to the nearest protected exit (including deadend travel distance) is 36m.
The maximum length of the exit route between an escape staircase and any one of the other escape staircases is 48m

For more details, please visit Buildings Department’s website

Can I pick up items from my storage unit at night or on a holiday?

Yes, our customers can access our facilities 24/7/365 with a smart access card.

How accessible are RESTORE’s facilities?

We provide designated parking for our customers at most of our storage facilities. In addition, all our facilities are all within a few minutes for public transportation hubs such as MTR stations, light rail and tram stops.

What is the move-in procedure?

1. Present valid identification documentation (HKID for individuals; business registration certificate for companies)
2. Provide a valid address proof issued within 3 months (e.g. utility bills, bank statements, government rates bills)
3. Settle payments for security deposit and initial storage fee

And happy storing!

However, to ensure a safe and pleasant storage environment for everyone, we do reserve full discretion over all requests to access or use our storage facilities.

Is a security deposit required?

Yes. We require a security deposit equivalent to 1 month’s regular storage fee. This is fully refundable upon move-out when relevant conditions are met.

Please note security deposits cannot be used to offset storage fees, relocation or any other fees payable by customers.

What are the minimum and maximum storage periods with RESTORE?

Our minimum initial storage period is 1 month and the maximum is 12 months, both conveniently renewable upon expiry.

Does RESTORE provide any relocation services?

If you require any assistance with relocation, we will be most happy to help. Please contact us at 6633 8008 for further information.

Are there any storage restrictions at RESTORE’s facilities?

To comply with relevant government regulations and maintain a pleasant environment for all our customers, certain storage restrictions apply at our storage facilities.

According to regulatory requirements by the Fire Services Department and the Lands Department, as well as international standards stipulated by the Self Storage Association Asia, dangerous goods (such as drugs, corrosives, oxidizing material, flammables, gunpowder, guns, battery and tires), food and other perishable items, illegal items and items that cause nuisance (such as ashes), are prohibited from mini storage facilities.

In addition, we do not advise customers to store any valuable items, cash or items that are irreplaceable and/or of sentimental value in mini storage facilities.

Customers are required to declare the items stored and agree to the storage restrictions above in our standard declaration form.

Non-compliant customers risk violating the laws of Hong Kong and will be asked to vacate the storage unit, potentially also giving up all unutilized storage fees as well as security deposit. For more information, please contact us at 6633 8008.

Is it possible to use mini storage facility for commercial or residential purposes?

According to government lease requirements by the Lands Department, our facilities can only be used for storage purposes by our customers.