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*Only 1-month deposit and 1-month storage fee required at move-in Terms and conditions apply. All rights to final pricing decisions reserved


Pay-as-you-go mini storage

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RESTORE Storage provides the highest quality 24-hour mini storage rental service, with service locations spread across Hong Kong and the New Territories.

The rental period is flexible and the environment is comfortable and tidy, providing you with the best rental experience.

Our cheapest mini storage starts at only HK$199! If you want to know about the latest mini storage recommendations and mini storage prices from RESTORE Storage, feel free to click on Whatsapp or call us for more details.

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Climate Controlled

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24-hour Access

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Choose Mini Storage Location

RESTORE Hong Kong mini storage branches are located in many locations, including Wong Chuk Hang, Tuen Mun, Kwai Chung, and Western District. Before renting, understand the location of each branch and choose a mini storage near your residence or workplace.

Choose Mini Storage Size

RESTORE offers a variety of mini storage sizes and flexible lease terms to meet different customer needs.

Rent Storage

You can call us to make an appointment for a visit, choose the suitable mini storage on the spot, or fill in your personal contact information. Our customer service officer will call you as soon as possible to arrange a time for storage selection and handle the storage procedures.

Google Reviews

Kemmy Chong

Kemmy Chong

2023-06-25 01:53

5 out of 5 stars

Very friendly services. The worker will basic the customer needs to provide the most suitable plan. It was very successful company.

Virginia IP

Virginia IP

2023-03-05 21:24

5 out of 5 stars

Feeling impressive and satisfied with its dynamic management. Key personnel is seen to be polite and very customer-oriented. More important of all, they often stay tuned and uphold clients' interests by means of offering appropriate recommendations and highly flexible payment schedules. Not giving five stars, perhaps some minor enhancements are expected such as reasonably cooler store environment and round chairs to be borrowed for use.

Taurus Wong

Taurus Wong

2022-11-22 23:26

5 out of 5 stars

Staff are very polite, helpful and efficient. Storage area clean and cozy.

Mini Storage – 5 Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Storage in Hong Kong

Already a necessity for most people in Hong Kong, mini storage facilities can vary greatly in service, quality, safety and management standards. 5 key aspects to look out for when choosing your ideal mini storage:

1. Mini Storage Safety – “Is it legally compliant?”

Hong Kong mini storage facilities are subject to the latest fire safety regulations. Renting non-compliant mini storage not only increases the risk of fire, but also affects insurance coverage. The relevant mini storage may be ordered to rectify or even close down by the government at any time, leaving customers with no place to store their belongings.

2. Mini Storage Pricing – “UFA or GFA?”

Mini storage is typically charged based on the usable floor area (“UFA”). However, some storage providers may list prices based on the gross floor area (“GFA”), with the actual UFA sometimes being less than 70% of the GFA. It is important to clarify the pricing basis early on and, if possible, measure the actual site to confirm the usable area.

3. Mini Storage Accessibility – “Customer parking available?”

The proximity of the mini storage facility to MTR stations and transportation hubs is important. Dedicated customer parking is also essential for both move-in and future visits. It is important to check with the building management on parking provisions, and it is even better to inspect the carpark itself.

4. Mini Storage Facility Management – “Are security and management up to international standards?”

Check whether the mini storage facility is well-built and well-lit, with climate control, a reputable security system, and preferably endorsed by an international organization such as the Self Storage Association Asia (“SSAA”).

5. Mini Storage Terms and Conditions of Use – “Any access and storage restrictions?”

The terms and conditions of use can vary greatly between different mini storage providers. It is important to read the fine print on restrictions on permitted items, storage (and building) access hours, as well as contract renewal terms.

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